Review Of Epclusa

Review Of Epclusa

For Hepatitis C “I was so scared at first to start this med!!!! But I was so tired of feeling tired the first 2 weeks were rough!!!! Now almost 8 week in I feel great so much energy thank god and gilead for this med. oh iam gentype 2 for over 20 years having this crap. God bless and good luck to all.(:”

For Hepatitis C “I am on week 8 of a 12 week regime of Epclusa. The first couple of days I did have a slight headache, but since then I haven’t had any side effects. I had blood work done at week 5. I was already undetectable! Thanks to a Epclusa coupon my copay is $5! Other side effects include: the whites of my eyes are white again! I have energy like I haven’t had in 20 years. My skin is younger looking. I sleep like a baby. The slight depression that I used to feel from being so tired all the time is gone. I can get out of bed so easily now and feel energized throughout the entire day. It is hard to go to sleep sometimes because I still have so much energy. I am so thankful for this medication. This has given me quality of life again.Thank you Gilead!”


For Hepatitis C “I finished epclusa two weeks ago. I’ve had gum pain, and pain in my legs since. I’m glad to be completed. I’m not sure why everyone keeps leaving reviews only a few weeks into treatment. My sides effects varied weekly…so I couldn’t really give a review while taking the drug. I also have a ringing sound in my head all day everyday, and no hearing loss. I hope that goes away with time. Undetected since week 4. I’d like to hear from others who are months into recovery after this. Do you feel better? Did your sides go away?”

For Hepatitis C “I just started my Hep C treatment. I have genotype 2, I’m going on my second week taking epclusa. I contacted Hep C using drugs intravenously, I been infected 48 years. All the time I’ve had it, I never felt fatigue or had any other symptoms of Hep C, I’m 67 years old, anyway I haven’t had any side effects, I don’t want to talk to quick, but I feel better. I do a little exercise to keep myself strong. So far I feel much better. ”

For Hepatitis C “I am on week 11 of 12. Almost done! I have genotype 3a. I have only had hep c for two years, but it’s been a rough two years. I already have stage two liver fibrosis, as well as fatty liver disease, not to mention my liver enzymes had consistently stayed in around 90 and 200. I learned that genotype 3 can be very aggressive. Even though my doctor told me this medicine, should work great for me, I was still worried it wouldn’t work for me. The first couple of weeks taking epclusa I was more fatigued than usual, but that side effect subsided. I haven’t really had any other side effects at all! since 6 weeks in, my viral load is undetectable, and my liver enzymes are back to normal levels for the first time in 2 years!”


For Hepatitis C “So, I began taking this medication for Hep C contracted from IV drug use. 24 years old. Doctor explained that since I had PPO insurance they would most likely cover the cost of the medication which I believe goes for around 75k for a 3 month supply. The medication was delivered straight to my house. Genotype 2b. Viral load was 1.7mil initially. I started taking the Medication March 30th, 2017. I had labs done this week to check on progress. After just 21 days of taking Epclusa viral load is completely undetectable. Initial fatigue first week, no symptoms after that. Great medication! Grateful that this option was available to me. Was absolutely worth it!!”

For Hepatitis C “Follow-up to 2/13/17 post. I am 3/4 of the way through my 12 week treatment for Hep C Genotype 3 with Epclusa & only 2 weeks into the treatment my blood work was already showing the virus as “undetectable” & all my numbers back in normal ranges. I’ve been back for blood work twice since the first blood work & virus is still undetectable & all #’s excellent! Less than 4 weeks to go & hoping for the best! Good luck to all!”

For Hepatitis C “I have had hep C for about 20 years now, genotype 3a. I already did my 3 month treatment of Epclusa. At end of 3 months, the virus was undetectedable, of course. Waiting to get blood work in March to find out if still undetected. My main side effect of Epclusa was major muscle aches. My muscles were always very stiff and sore. Totally manageable though. I was hoping after I finished treatment, it would go away..,but unfortunately it has not. Some days are worse than others…hoping time will make it go away. Praying and hoping will be undetected and cured still in March. Good luck and God bless to all struggling.”

For Hepatitis C “I am into day 36 of 84 day (12 weeks) treatment. An hour after taking my first dose, I could definitely feel the medication coursing through my body. The first 14 days were the worst. Some headache, slight depression. I started feeling much better after the 3 weeks. I had blood work done after 30 days and ALT and AST are way down. I feel much better and the incredible burning itches I had before treatment started have stopped. It can tire you but a nap can really help. My appetite has gone through the roof, which is a good thing for me. I am really optimistic about beating this. I have had HCV since the mid-1980s. Here’s hoping that the rest of my treatment goes well. Good luck to everyone!”

For Hepatitis C “I took it for 12 weeks, when I did the blood work it came back virus. Boy I was the happiest man on earth, now I have a chance to see my grand babies grow. Went back for my 3 month check up and found out it came back! What a hart breaker. Not sure what to do next..was told another drug would be available this summer ”

For Hepatitis C “I take my last pill tomorrow. My arm, around the elbow is hurting real bad. Real, real bad. I felt it about a week into it. I did my 6 week blood test and no sign of the hep c. I hope it stays that way. I’m not sure of my level? 3-4-5? I forgot.. It messed with my memory too. Feel confused and not sure of myself. Nothing worse when 500 craft personnel depend on you. I just turned 58. Had this for 20 years is my guess.. I haven’t drank alcohol in 3 months. I hope you folks who are starting the program don’t either. Never had headaches or diarrhea like everyone says. My arm is killing me. Can hardly do anything with it.. I hope this rids this terrible virus. I wish the best for everyone.”

For Hepatitis C “I have hep c genotype 1 and I’ve had it for many years I assume. Found out 13 years ago but suspect to have had over 20. I have wanted treatment for many years but raising a family and homeschooling my children I just couldn’t imagine feeling like I have the flu for a year. I’m so thankful for this medicine. I’ve had headaches and tiredness some nausea but I also have many great days with lots of energy. I have 29 more days to go and I’m so thankful and excited about having this wonderful opportunity to get rid of this and only having to pay 5$ copayment. I am 53. Today is 2/22/17”

For Hepatitis C “Hi I’m 51 F hepC type2 I just started taking the epclusa I’m 8 days in. I was expecting to be sick from it but, NO!! First day I felt less fatigue. Less pain. Not having any bad side affects, a little more gas and I feel a little irritated & not to be gross but noticed my stool looked dark green. I’m very pleased with the lack of side effects and hope it continues to be the same through treatment and of course that it’s working and rids my body of this horrible virus. I pray for all of us every night that we get cured. I’ll update when I do my blood work on week 4 . God bless everyone”

For Hepatitis C “Hi…So I took 12 weeks of Epclusa for genotype 3a (viral load-3million). The epclusa did do the trick to get rid of the hep c, however I did experience and still do experience side effects. While I was on treatment I experienced tingling, nerve pain, irritability, insomnia, ear ringing, etc. The ear ringing and ear issues remain a problem after 7 months off of the meds. I urge everyone to report side effects to the FDA. When I reported them to my doctor, I was told NO ONE else had those side effects…and I felt like I was crazy. The only way they will have a list of the accurate side effects is if they are reported to the FDA and GILEAD. This helps other patients not feel so alone. All in all it solved the main issue I suppose–”

Jessthemess19 (taken for 1 to 6 months) September 26, 2017

For Hepatitis C “I have 10 days left on my Epclusa treatment! Before I started treatment my viral load was 5,740,000. After 4 weeks of treatment it was down to 79! My liver enzymes are normal now. I struggled for about a week (week 9) with stomach problems, headaches and joint pain. I had stated previously I was Genotype 2 (B) and was diagnosed in 2005. Had 2 healthy kids and I am looking forward to kicking Hep c and my stage 2 Fibrosis. I have a new lease on life and I have a good feeling about curing this virus and watching my kids grow up. Stay positive, eat right and drink your water!”

For Hepatitis C “Its been ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!!! The first week, whole body shaking. Had to start anxiety medicines. Headaches. Urinary tract pain, bladder pain since day 3, it is going on week 7 with this pain. Will be glad when it is over!!!”

For Hepatitis C “Second day on meds. I was so glad people took time to post a review on Epclusa as now I am not worried about side effects and most who take this get cured I do have that hangover feeling , fatigue and I am tired so thank you people”

For Hepatitis C “I’ve experienced muscular and joint pains, especially in the afternoons – shoulders especially. Fatigue seems to be the most persistent complaint.”

For Hepatitis C “I am 1/2 way thru my 12 weeks. The side effects I’ve had are , headaches almost daily mainly in the evening. Most of my joints have discomfort/pain in my upper body. These issues are tolerable by all means. I do get exhausted easily. I did my first blood test last week and it appears that the virus is gone. I am getting anemia according to the test as well. So far none of these side effects are horrible just annoying. Keeping the prayers going for us. Will update more later.”

For Hepatitis C “I’ve had Hep c for 42 years, Unknown to me. Had an occular migraine and ended up in hospital to find I had low platelets. Which led to hep c diagnosis First month sick as can be nausea, headache, fatigue and insomnia. But after 4 weeeks no hep c detected! I’m almost done my second month and symptoms wax and wane-mostly nausea and fatigue. Hoping that after the next month my results are still perfect and that I am cured. ”

For Hepatitis C “I just finished treatment. I am going for my blood work today. Overall, Epclusa was manageable but I did experience very low energy days, brain fog, insomnia. But I think that is a result of sleep deprivation. Mood fluctuations were extreme some days. Nonetheless, I feel hopeful. All blood work has been normal so far…!”

For Hepatitis C “I have been fighting hep c for six years first when I was 51 I almost died from interforon and riboviron. OMG don’t do it I know now we have so many better medications that will cure it. I was on epclusa for a month showed no virus and I panicked went off back at the end of Feb. Recently I went for blood work to find no virus this is four months after I went through treatment please pray it’s over and I am cured Doctor said if it stays that way for three more month my chances are really good! I will keep in touch and pray for all of you.”

For Hepatitis C “I was diagnosed in May of last year, only because my Dr wanted to “rule out” HepC but instead, I was one of the many “un-lucky” baby boomers that tested positive. I have Type 4 and I have/had no symptoms or indication of the virus except the positive blood test. I was also diagnosed with MALT Lymphoma at the same time. I completed radiation therapy for the cancer in Dec 2016 and waited for the HepC treatment until the effects of radiation had passed. I started Epclusa 2 weeks ago and I’ve had 0, none, nada side effects. In fact I’m feeling pretty darn good! I’ve been worried that it’s not working since I’m feeling nothing but seeing that several people on this forum have had no side effects and complete cure makes me very happy!”

For Hepatitis C “Diagnosed 1 yr ago Gen type 3 after other issues were being investigated. Now Into my second week of treatment no side effects to report , except tiredness and fatigue which I was already experiencing for many years . I was also suffering from aches and pains, liver pain, & dare I say it but I think I can already feel improvement, ” touch wood”. I have also been diagnosed with liver disease , not sure if the Hep C has caused this or my social drinking. I am now obviously abstaining . I go back for my first meds/bloods check in a few days, I will keep you guys upto date, best wishes to you all. Thank you Gilead and the UK NHS without either I suspect I would be on my way to the Grand Lodge Above”