Hepatitis C Treatment

Hepatitis c Can cure successfully by taking some medicine.

If you diagnose known as acute hepatitis c than treatment of it not require imminently.

You need to test after some month to check whether body fight with hepatitis C medicine or not.

If you diagnosed with chronic hepatitis c than treatment of it urgent require.

Hepatitis C Medicine

Cost of hepatitis C treatment in the USA is almost $84000 USD. Even American company Gilead Science Invented hepatitis c medicine, cost of treatment is too high in USA than other world.

Most Succesfull medicine for hepatitis C is Harvoni (ledipasvir 90mg/sofosbuvir 400mg). Duration of this medicine is 12 Week. your healthcare provider give you more advice if you need more. Cost of per pill of harvoni (ledipasvir 90mg/sofosbuvir 400mg) is $1000 USD so 12 week means 84 day treatment cost is $84000 USD.

But we provide medicine for hepatitis c treatment @ lowest rate ever.

Our Cost of hepatitis C treatment is Below.

  • Harvoni – $1065 USD for 84 Tablets and 12-week treatment
  • Sovaldi – $695 USD for 84 Tablets
    12-week treatment
  • Daklinza – $495 USD for 84 Tablets
    12-week treatment
  • Sovaldi and Daklinza – $895 USD for 168 Tablets
    12-week treatment
  • Epclusa – $1495 USD for 84 Tablets
    12-week treatment

You will be get most appropite medicine from your health care provider according to your type of hepatitis C

You should also check the blood test during treatment to check medicine work or not. if the medicine is not working for you then you can try alternative medicine. the only a small number of people affect this alternative medicine.

Your doctor will check your liver either by a blood test or

When treatment is Complete your doctor will test your blood for checking virus of hepatitis c is clear or not. second blood test after 12 to 14 week of treatment stoped.

If both test is clear than you have no more hepatitis C.

Possible Side Effect of Treatment

You may problem is sleeping after taking medicine.