Harvoni Price in USA

Harvoni Price in USA

Harvoni TabletAntiviral drug for hepatitis c is very effective but it comes to very high cost. just one pill of harvoni cost for $1000 USD that makes total treatment cost is $84000 USD.

more hepatitis c drugs price is below

  • Sovaldi costs $94,500 for a 12-week treatment
  • Mavyret costs $39,600 for a 12-week treatment
  • Zepatier costs $54,600 for a 12-week treatment
  • Technivie costs $76,653 for a 12-week treatment

American Company Gilead Science found medicine for the treatment of HCV called Harvoni. Interestingly Harvoni Price in the USA is $1120 USD for only 1 tablet that means all over cost is around $100000 USD.

USA Medicaid program also can not cover all patients of hepatitis c in the USA.

Hep c patient is avoiding to treatment as too high harvoni cost in the USA. and avoid treatment can lead to a high risk for the patient.

Hepatitis C treatment is lengthy and multiple side effects before the invention of harvoni and sovaldi. However, these new drugs are revolutionizing in hepatitis c treatment.

The major drawback of these drugs is that drugs price in USA is too high.

High Cost of treatment of harvoni led to a limit in access to treatment for hep c patient.

USA Government should negotiate with Gilead Science to make fair prices of harvoni in the USA.

Harvoni cost in USA touch sky and also insurance company not helping patients or some of them not insured.

Even too high cost of harvoni in the USA still harvoni is most selling medicine in the USA because the cure rate is 95% or more and with minimum side effects compare to previous treatment.

Medicare, Medicaid, and Veteran’s Administration have been able to negotiate with for a lowe price of harvoni and Viekira Pak. Harvoni and Viekira Pak is still the most expensive medication for the treatment of hepatitis C.

People with hepatitis c is a biggest problem in national health in the USA. Health insurance company in the most cases denied claim for hepatitis c treatment so insurance plans of the patient not helping him anymore.

In the United States, health cost is a big problem and the cost of hepatitis c is one example of them. Cost of hepatitis c treatment with harvoni is almost $84000 USD for a 12-week treatment

The pharmaceutical company has to reduce the cost of treatment or make it reasonable for patients

Hepatitis C Drug Price

High harvoni price in the USA has caused financial problems on the patient. Cost of $100000 USD is very much but as a 90% cure rate, some believe that cost is justified.

I personally feel sad for high treatment cost of hepatitis c in the USA.

USA government should take some decision to make low for cheap hepatitis c treatment. The patient should be standing against the government for demanding cheap hep c treatment.

As 81 million people in a world victim of hepatitis C, we should find some new cheap drugs so we can make world hepatitis c free.

Only in the USA 3 million people live with chronic hepatitis c most of them don’t know about diseases. 17000 new cases reported each year in the USA for hepatitis C.

Harvoni was invented by the US FDA to fight for the hep C virus in the body.

Because of Gilead science invest too much for invented Harvoni medicine, Price is high for that reason.

People who live with hepatitis C have good news when in 2014 US FDA approved that medicine to treat hep C. But Cost of harvoni in too high in the USA.

Many lawmakers filed a complaint against Gilead science to reduce the cost of harvoni in the USA but they are failing in this case.

Even the Insurance company not helping the patient of hep c as a high price of treatment.

Unfornunly, In Egypt, the price of harvoni is only $900 USD for HCV treatment.

In Canada Only $55000 USD for treatment of Hep c for 12 weeks. And In India Only $1055 USD.

The reason behind the high price of harvoni in the USA is the only Gilead science company that controlled the price of medicine in the USA.

Some time USA patients come to India to buy generic harvoni because in India harvoni price is only $12.67 USD than the harvoni price in the USA.

Careforpharmacy Offer mail service for all type of hep C medicine. We offer harvoni @ only $355 USD per 28 pill bottle. Please contact us for more information.

The price of harvoni is a major problem in the USA until new cheap treatment available in the market.

Even USA people cam import medicine from India for person usu as in India the price of generic harvoni is too high.

Medical advice is necessary if you have ever hepatitis B.

Sovaldi Cost in USA

Sovaldi is the first DAA ( Direct-Acting Antiviral ) medicine for the treatment of hep c. sofosbuvir 400 MG treat hepatitis C genotype 1 and 4.

According to data of goodrx price of sovaldi in the USA is $24728 USD for 28 tablets.

Sovaldi is the first but very expensive medication for hepatitis C with the lowest side effect and 95% to 99% cure rate.

Price of Epclusa Cost in the USA

Epclusa is the best medicine offer by American pharma company Gilead science for the treatment of hepatitis C and all genotype.

As per the record of goodrx price of epclusa in the USA is $24679 USD for 28 tablets. 

One of the good news for hepatitis c patients in the USA is that generic version of epclusa is also available in the USA at a price of $3639 USD

How much does the cost of generic harvoni in the USA

Harvoni is prescription drug use to cure chronic hepatitis c in an adult with the highest cure rate.

The authorized generics of harvoni are also available in the USA now. Gilead science is now selling generic harvoni also in the USA.

The price of generic harvoni in the USA is $5456 USD for 28 tablets.

But the price of generic harvoni in India is even cheap than the USA. Buy Generic harvoni online from India @ $1065 USD.

The average cost for hepatitis c treatment in the USA is high than India or any other Asian country.

How much does the cost of mavyret in the USA.

Mavyret is a combination of glecaprevir and pibrentasvir for the treatment of hepatitis C in the body. mavyret is used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C in adults and children over 12 years with HCV genotype 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.

Mavyrate is invented by American drugs maker AbbVie for competition against harvoni.

Insurance Company Denied covering

Hepatitis C Treatment Insurance
Hepatitis C Treatment Insurance

Insurance Company in the USA denied covering for the treatment of hepatitis c as the high cost of treatment.

One-third of people denied harvoni by insurance company according to the study of Open Forum Infectious Diseases.

A lot of claims rejected by private companies for this treatment more than 52% than Medicare or Medicaid.

What if you do not have health insurance or health insurance company denied to help you

If you do not have health insurance or your insurance company is not helping you or hepatitis c treatment cost out from pocket is high for you than following companies and organization help you for treatment.

Other pharmaceutical companies have their own financial assistance program for that

Some doctor has good staff who help hep c patient for how to cover medication cost or how to use above assistant for that. ask your doctor for more more if you can not afford the hep c treatment cost

How to get cheap price of harvoni in the USA

Gilead science a harvoni (ledipasvir and sofosbuvir) manufacture offer patient assistance programs to provide more people treatment of hep c they need

One of the major criteria of the co-pay program is that you are not part of the US medicare program

Click here for more detail of co-pay program

Protest Against Gilead Science

The protestor accusing drug maker Gilead science for low price of harvoni in the USA.

People in the USA demanding the low price of hepatitis c drugs. Nobody affords $84000 USD for the treatment regiment of hepatitis C.

The government should also involve in this matter and have to take action against the Gilead science company for price control of drugs harvoni.

Average Harvoni Cost in USA Pharmacy

The average price of harvoni in the USA varies from $30000 to $33000 USD according to GOODRX

You can see below detail for harvoni price in USA Pharmacy.

If you want to 12-week treatment @ only $1065 USD Please Contact the US.

We are here to support the Hep C patients.