Harvoni Price in USA

American Company Gilead Science found medicine for the treatment of HCV called Harvoni. Interestingly Harvoni Price in the USA is $1120 USD for only 1 tablet that means all over cost is around $100000 USD.

USA Medicaid program also can not cover all patient of hepatitis c in the USA.

Hep c patient is avoiding to treatment as too high harvoni cost in the USA. and avoid treatment can lead to a high risk for the patient.

High harvoni price in the USA has caused financial problems on the patient. Cost of $100000 USD is very much but as a 90% cure rate, some believe that cost is justified.

I personally feel sad for high treatment cost of hepatitis c in the USA.

USA government should take some decision to make low for cheap hepatitis c treatment. The patient should be standing against the government for demanding cheap hep c treatment.

As 81 million people in a world victim of hepatitis C, we should find some new cheap drugs so we can make world hepatitis c free.

Only in USA 3 million people live with chroni hepatitis c most of them dont know about dieases. 17000 new case reported each year in USA for hepatitis C.

Harvoni was invented by the US FDA to fight for hep C virus in the body.

Harvoni Cost in USA

Because of Gilead science invest too much for invented Harvoni medicine, Price is high for that reason.

People who live with hepatitis C have good news when in 2014 US FDA approved that medicine to treat hep C. But Cost of harvoni in too high in the USA.

Many lawmakers filed a complaint against Gilead science to reduce the cost of harvoni in the USA buy they are failing in this case.

Even Insurance company not helping the patient of hep c as a high price of treatment.

Unfornunly, In Egypt, price of harvoni is only $900 USD for HCV treatment.

In Canada Only $55000 USD for treatment of Hep c during 12 weeks. And In India Only $1055 USD.

The reason behind the high price of harvoni in the USA is only Gilead science company which controlled the price of medicine in the USA.

Some time USA patient come to India to buy generic harvoni because in India harvoni price is only $12.67 USD than the harvoni price in the USA.

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Price of harvoni is a major problem in the USA until new cheap treatment available in the market.

Even USA people cam import medicine from india for person usu as in india price of generic harvoni is too high.