Harvoni Cure Rate

Harvoni Cure Rate

The cure rate of harvoni is 95% to 100%. Harvoni is the best medicine for the treatment of hep c ever. Not a single medicine standing against the competition with harmony for a treat hep c.

Harvoni Cure Rate

Harvoni is the most successful medicine for hepatitis C treatment with the highest cure rate. Harvoni is a combination of sofosbuvir 400 MG and ledipasvir 90 MG

US FDA shows the green flag to harvoni for Hep C patient. Harvoni is upgrading version of sovaldi which is introduced in 2013.

None of any previous medicine curable than harvoni. Harvoni is curable for genotype 1, 4, 5 and 6.

As the high cure rate of this medicine WHO declared this medicine as the most necessary medicine.

In a study of 865 patient of hepatitis C genotype 1 with no prior treatment with or without cirrhosis daily take 1 tablet of harvoni for 12 weeks were cured.

In a more study of 647 patient with genotype 1 without cirrhosis taken daily 1 tablet of harvoni for 12 weeks were cured


The study does not include patients with high cirrhosis or those who transplant their liver. cirrhosis means liver is extremely damage not work properly

Cure means when blood test after competes for a 12-week treatment, no HCV virus detected in the blood.

How to Cure your hepatitis C

If you live in USA and you have hepatiti C and this is bad news for you as cost of hepatitis C medicine in USA is $94000 USD.

Than questin is that how to buy harvoni and cure your dieseas. You Can import medicine from India and save 99% of your cost as generic harvoni is very cheap in india.

If you diagnoes with chroni hepatitis c and not cure timely than this may be dengoroes for your health.

You may face cirrosis or liver failure.

Better import medicine from india.

Price of generic harvoni is only $1065 USD for 12 week treatment cost. Please contact us for more detail