Harvoni Cost In Mexico

Harvoni Cost In Mexico

Although, Hepatitis C problem is a major issue in a mexico health care.

Harvoni cost in Mexico is around $48000 USD for treatment of 12 week means 571 USD per pill.

Due to the high cost of this disease in Mexican people can not afford this treatment and this may be lead to a serious result and hepatitis C turn into liver cancer or liver failure.

Harvoni is the highest prescribed drug for the treatment of hepatitis C patient. Because of the high cure rate, harvoni is blockbuster medicine for hep c genotype1, 5, 5, and 6.

Harvoni Cost is too high in Mexico and people not earning much so they can’t afford medical treatment.

Harvoni Cost In Mexico

Mexican people have also insurance but the insurance company doesn’t give compensation for hep c treatment.

Even the cost of harvoni is a major problem in all country except Indian because in some special condition India manufactures cheap generic harvoni.

Mexican people take too much care for their health. But Dark side of this is too high hep c treatment cost.

Cost of Indian generic harvoni is only $1065 USD for a 12-week treatment.

Cost of treatment is chile is also high as $12000 USD for full treatment.

Compare to mexico, Harvoni cost in india is too cheap. Price of generic harvoni is 80% cheap than mexico.

Harvoni price in india is $1065 USD for 3 month treatment. This price is cheapest ever in world.

India is the best option for Mexican people to buy generic harvoni

Price of generic harvoni in india is lowest than mexico. Mexico people can import hepatitis c medicine from india for personal use or for friend or relative

Price of Indian medicine for hep c treatment is below

  • Harvoni – $1065 USD for 84 Tablets and 12-week treatment
  • Sovaldi – $695 USD for 84 Tablets
    12-week treatment
  • Daklinza – $495 USD for 84 Tablets
    12-week treatment
  • Sovaldi and Daklinza – $895 USD for 168 Tablets
    12-week treatment
  • Epclusa – $1495 USD for 84 Tablets
    12-week treatment

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