Harvoni Cost in 2019

Hepatitis C treatment Cost

Price of medicine plays important role in the patients life. When new medicine come in the market and if hit market than price of this medicine too high than other medicine.

In this case pharmacutical company can contolled price of medication. After time goes generic version of medicine availabe and price of pharma goes down.

If demand of medicine is small than price of this medicine is too high as pharma company sale this medicine for few people.

According to United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Only in USA 3.5 million people affect hep c virus and half of them not aware of that.

Million of people in the world suffer from hepatitis C so the cost of treatment should be a cheap price. But in this case even so, the cost of treatment is high.

Drugs Cost

In a year of 2014, a direct-acting antiviral medication approved by US food and drugs administration named harvoni ( Ledipasvir & Sofosbuvir)

Price of harvoni may vary between pharmacy or insurance plan or patients medical history.

Following are some average wholesale cost of harvoni.

  • Price of harvoni is @1120 USD per pill. cost for the treatment of 8 week is $67200 USD. $100800 USD for 12 week and and $201600 USD for 24 week.
  • Cost of harvoni in walmart for 90 pill is $105711 USD.

You are wondering what is the cost of harvoni in pharmacy. With a price tag of $94500 USD, harvoni is worlds most expensive drugs ever.

In this article, we are talking about harvoni to get cheap harvoni than Price of harvoni in the USA. How to get harvoni @ 99% less cost.

Harvoni is too expensive in USA

Unfortunately, Harvoni cost in the USA and in other countries have a major problem as harvoni is the world s most expensive treatment.

When predecessor of harvoni (Sovaldi) introduce in market @ cost of $1000 USD for full treatment cost of $55000 USD than all insurance company and patient of hep C think that if harvoni price is justifiable 

When gilead science company intoduce new upgrade version of sovaldi called harvoni, new problem arise in healcare that is harvoni cost.

Harvoni cost in the USA and in Europian county is too high that Asian county.

How to get harvoni at Low cost

Gilead science offers copay program to cover more hep c patient in USA. But you have to eligiable for this program.

The main factor more eligible that program is that you are not part of Medicaid. Please click here more more information for co-pay program.

The main issue in co-pay program is that only 25% cost of harvoni cover in this program. Nevertheless, this cost is high more normal people as he can not afford this high price.