Can Hep C Be Cured Without Treatment

Can Hep C Be Cured Without Treatment

Hepatitis C is liver infection diseases cause by hepatitis C virus. Hepatitis C is either acute or chronic. People infected by hep c virus are don’t know about that as no symptoms of hep c in the early stage.

In acute hep c, there is no treatment required. But if you have chronic hep c than that is serious and treatment for that is required.

If in a chronic hepatitis C, people not care him OR not take treatment than this may be lead to serious problems like Cirrhosis, Liver Damage OR Liver Failure

Hepatitis C is not cured without treatment. If you have chronic hepatitis C than treatment is necessary for you. Your doctor will assist you with more information.

Medicine to treat hep C is Sovaldi, Harvoni, Epclusa, Atripla, etc. High cure rate medicine is harvoni with cure rate 95% to 99%.

You can import medicine to treat your hep C virus. Generic harvoni in India is only $1065 USD for a 12-week treatment.

Remember you can not cure hepatitis C without treatment. If you do not treat your hep c than you may fall to serious problem like cirrhosis, liver failure or liver damage or die.