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Harvoni is blockbuster medicine for cure hepatitis C invented by American pharma company Gilead science in 2014. US FDA Approve harvoni in 2014 for the fight against hepatitis C genotypes 1,4,5 and 6. This is great news forBuy Harvoni Online all who suffer from hepatitis C. Only in the USA, approximately 3.5 Million people infected by hepatitis C. Main good point of harvoni is that the cure rate is 95% in that medicine.


Still, You can buy harvoni in 2019 for hepatitis C treatment?

In 2019 also harvoni is the perfect medicine for you if you infected by hepatitis C genotype 1, 4, 5 and 6. Harvoni in Indianot good competitor available against harvoni. the key point of this medicine is that this medicine comes with less or no side effect.

You are surprised that cost of harvoni is really $1000 USD per pill and treatment continues for 8 to 12 week. and you have to take 1 pill daily for that week so the total cost of harvoni is below.

8 Week = 60 Day = $6000 USD

12 Week = 90 Day = 90000 USD

and insurance company always denied your claim for this medicine even if your pharma company give you some discount like 10 to 20% than you can not afford this treatment.

But we provide medicine for hepatitis C medicine @ a very affordable rate. Like 99% cheap that American price.

Cost of Harvoni in India

Indian Government is negotiating with Gilead science

company to reduce the cost of harvoni in India. Gilead science company give some Indian pharma company to manufacture harvoni medicine in India. Price of harvoni medicine in India is $355 USD for 28 tablets means only $12.60 USD per pill. This cost is around 99% Cheaper than the USA price.

If you take treatment for 12 weeks than harvoni cost is around $1065 USD and in the case of 24 weeks $2130 USD.

Buy Harvoni Online in India is now available as American Gilead science company give Indian pharma company to manufacture generic harvoni in India.

Brand harvoni is same as generic harvoni. Only different from the cost that is around 95% to 99%.

Branded medicine vs generic medicine

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We cure 1000% Hepatitis C patient like you.

Our Goal to Sale hepatitis C medicine to all who cannot afford branded harvoni due to high cost in the USA.

Due to the high cost of hepatitis C treatment is the USA and Also insurance company denied a claim for hep c treatment, All Patient of hep c in the USA can not treat hepatitis C.

Again we tell you, we offer cheap genuine hepatitis C medicine worldwide @ $12.67 USD per pill for all county.

US FDA also allows importing harvoni from any county for personal use only. 

The patient should aware when buying harvoni online a lot of fake websites offer cheap harvoni which is not safe for you. This may be counterfeit medicine and may dangerous for your health.

We have experience for sale harvoni online through mail order.

Harvoni Price in the USA

Everyone knows the price of medicine in the USA is high in the world. This is an injustice for all American as some time they depended on other countries for cheap medicine.

The USA is on the first rank for the high cost of hep c treatment even in only USA total 3.5 million people victim of HCV virus.

Harvoni price is also high in the USA as Drugs is invented in USA and company spend too much money for find new drugs.

You not believe in cost of harvoni as the cost is $1000 USD per pill or tablet.

High Price of harvoni in the USA leads to low treatment as USA citizen can’t afford this medicine because of low-income people.

Medicaid program also not sufficient to cover all hep c patient for harvoni treatment.

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How to Buy Harvoni Online from India

If you want to purchase harvoni from India then you going to save a lot of your saving which may help to another important work.

First, you have to prescription which writes by your doctor. Then you can contact us by chat option or email or mobile number. 

You have to pay @1065 USD including the shipping cost. You can pay by western union, MoneyGram, or any type of online money order.

You have to send us a copy of the prescription, your address and in some case your ID proof.

What is harvoni

Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir (Harvoni)  is the medicine that contains sofosbuvir and ledipasvir for the fight against hepatitis c virus in the body. It prevents hepatitis virus in the body and full treatment result in 100% Cure from hep C virus. Sometimes it should take with other medicine called ribavirin.

How to take harvoni

You should be taken my mouth with water and with or without food.


Chance of reactivation of hepatitis B virus possible during or after treatment of hep C. checks your blood test before start treatment whether you have an infection of hepatitis B or not. If you have hepatitis B and start treatment, this may be a serious problem including liver failure or death. your health care provider will monitor you during or after the treatment of hep C.

Side Effect 

The core side effect of harvoni Including

  • Tiredness
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Difficulty sleeping.

The serious side effect may not possible on the overall case. your health care provider judge that medicine is great for you then sides effect.

Only some rare case serious side effect come to these drugs. possibility of allergic reaction is very low in this medicine. Even if you face some allergic reaction, get medical help right away. 


You can buy harvoni online from India because we offer the cheapest price ever for hepatitis C treatment. Please email us admin@careforpharmacy.com for any query